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About Us

At S&R Law Firm, the focus of our practice is serving our clients. By creating a joint relationship of trust, our clients can count on our counsel for many years to come. This is crucial when it comes to managing financial affairs; after all, our areas of legal practice often depend on honing a relationship with family members.

Providing reasonably priced legal services has allowed us to serve countless clients since 2014. We are proud to offer affordable representation without compromising the value of service that our clients receive. By offering flexible payment options, we can start working your case with a sense of immediacy and without undue delay.

Probate and family controversies require aggressive representation. When it comes to drafting wills, trusts, or filing petitions in bankruptcy court, precision is crucial. Meticulous attention to detail allows our firm to ensure family succession planning for future generations. Additionally, we strive to minimize tax consequences and ambiguities that can lead to probate.

The firm's managing partner, Benjamin Schaefer, is a principal at S&R Law Firm. Our firm has represented thousands of clients facing complex legal situations. As a trial attorney, title agent, and co-owner of a Aedis title company, Ben has accumulated a wealth of experience in litigation and real estate transactions. This unique combination of experience allows him to understand fundamental tenets of real estate law and the transfer of real property. This places our firm in a position to understand contract law, remedies, and an understanding of tax ramifications associated with real estate transactions. As a litigator, Ben has gained victory before the Virginia Court of Appeals while arguing uncited law. Our broad experience provides us with the ability to represent clients interested in estate planning or filing for bankruptcy in Virginia.

Throughout law school, Ben focused on business litigation and commercial transactions. Upon graduation, he worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, DC. He has reviewed countless wills, trusts, financial documents, general contracts, official tax forms, along with land records and deeds. His unmatched vigor ensures the protection of our clients and the transfer of their hard-earned property.

Our firm offers free consultations. If you are unsure whether filing for bankruptcy will be beneficial, or if you are interested in making sure your assets swiftly go to the right individuals after your passing, we encourage you to call S&R Law Firm at 703.273.6431 for a free case analysis.

Client Reviews
"I will recommend Nova Defenders, S&R Law Firm any day because they are the best and at getting you the best outcome. They always have your best interest at heart. Lawyer Ben Schaefer really handled handled my case with absolute care and professionalism from day one. Thank you" - Ken W.
"I strongly recommend you work with Ben Schaefer and the S&R Law Firm. Ben clearly has a lot of experience in what he does and does really well in working with clients. The entire group is professional, sharp and responsive. HIGHLY recommended!" - Ankita S.
"The best law firm ever to be in. They treat you so well that they care and I would comfortably tell someone to go there. This firm is one that i would hire in a heart beat whenever i need representation. Very respectful , professional, honest, down to earth and most of all caring." - Bob O.